Friday, October 15, 2010

Week Word - Temptation

This week's participants in Week Word are:

Go visit their blogs to see how they handled temptation this week.  If you want to play, leave a comment and I'll link back to your post.  Now...

As for me...

I was surrounded by temptation.

On Monday, Chad brought home a tempting bag of Poppycock.  I could smell the toffee goodness from twenty feet away.  He popped handfuls into his mouth, each crunch tempting me to indulge.  One tiny bite went into my mouth and flavor exploded on my tongue.  I gave into the temptation, but limited it to two cups instead of a whole bag.  Progress.

On Tuesday, I turned the corner in the office and stumbled upon the temptation of a platter of pesto focaccia bread layered with bacon, egg, tomato and onion.  My sad bowl of low fat chicken soup looked so...bland.  Giving into temptation, I stretched my hand towards a half a sandwich.  I pulled back and looked at my watery soup.  My hand moved of it's own volition, picked up the sandwich and I and indulged in the buttery, salty goodness.

On Thursday, I bought a book.  It sat on my counter, the cover shiny and new.  Every time I passed it, I could almost smell the new pages. It begged me to take a peek.  While I cooked dinner, it beckoned, from the corner of my eye.  It tempted me to pick it up, to open it.  It whispered to me to read just a page or two.  I reached for it, picked it up, leaned against the counter and gave in to the temptation.

Dinner burned.

We called out for pizza.

But the book was oh-so-delicious.

How were you tempted this week?  Did you give in?


Domestic Scribbles said...

So what book help distract you enough to burn dinner?!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is a semi-regular occurance. I really shouldn't be allowed to read while home alone with the children.

It's almost was a cream puff of a book. A vampire romance novel called "Eat, Prey, Love".

Christine E-E said...

Poppycock... my mother-in-law loved it! even at 91 years old, a gift of Poppycock brings a smile to her face.

Lately, I buy only children's books - due to the age of the young kids I'm in contact with (& ACE being a kinder teacher)... which reminds me - it might be time for a book review!

Although I posted late, I loved this word. Difficult to narrow my choices & TEMPTING to let everyone know my inner most secrets...

Have you selected someone to post the next WEEKWORD?

Anonymous said...

Chris - I wasn't sure how to go about selecting next week's host. I thought I'd tag the first person who responded, but there were two done first thing Friday. How do you select?

La Vie Quotidienne said...


Acturally I am giving into temptation right now! I should be in the other room painting trim, but here I am on the computer. Bad girl! Sometimes things are just too tempting!

Anonymous said...

Hiya! Thanks for tagging me! I've posted this week's word. Could you link to me so folk can find it?

Thank you xx